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Rose Geranium Mineral Soak

Perfect to relax in the bath at the end of a long day. Soak in the Epsom salts to ease muscles and light floral scent of Rose Geranium to lift the spirits & reduce Anxiety.
15.00 (NZD)

Manuka Honey & Orange Lip Balm

A silky textured balm rich and nourishing with Manuka Honey and Manuka essential oil for added healing properties.
7.00 (NZD)

Gift Basket - Lavender Hand & Body

A delightful gift basket with Lavender hand & Body Lotion, Lavender Soap a Bamboo puff and Bamboo & Loofah Back scrub.
40.00 (NZD)

Gift Basket - Rose Bath & Body

The delicate scent of a Rose garden bath bomb, Rose Geranium scented soap, Bamboo & Loofah Back scrub and Bamboo puff.
25.00 (NZD)

Gift Basket - Orange Bath & Body

Calming Sweet Orange scented Bath Bomb and Soap with sisal back scrub, sponge and slippers.
29.00 (NZD)

Bamboo and Loofah spa Slippers

Perfect for popping out to the spa or slipping on after a shower. The loofah gently exfoliates the soles of your feet.
5.00 (NZD)