Cleanse and Exfoliate

Our cleansing products naturally freshen and cleanse the skin without stripping them of protective oils leaving your skin clean and soft.

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Sweet Orange Soap

Pleasing scent of Sweet orange is said to be a sedative for nervous tension and insomnia, while also being emotionally uplifting.
6.50 (NZD)

Bamboo and Sisal spa Slippers

Perfect for popping out to the spa or slipping on after a shower. The Sisal gently exfoliates the soles of your feet.
5.00 (NZD)

Hemp face towel

Hemp is an incredibly durable fiber great for washing all over.
5.00 (NZD)

Tea Tree and Lavender Soap

Mild cleansing soap with Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils both great to assist healing of minor skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and mild fungal infections.
6.50 (NZD)

Tea Tree and Oatmeal Soap

Soothing antibacterial Tea tree essential oils help ease sensitive skin conditions the oatmeal is also creamy to touch and soothing on the skin.
6.50 (NZD)

Bamboo and Loofah Back Scrubber

Has straps to slip your hand in for easy grip. Perfect for reaching your whole back and even great for scrubbing the soles of your feet.
5.00 (NZD)